Nov 17 2007

A Journey to Darfur Debuts on DVD

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Documentary Featuring George Clooney and His Father Nick Clooney Available July 17All of the Proceeds from DVD Sales to be Donated to ‘Not On Our Watch’ Humanitarian Project

A Journey to Darfur, the documentary that chronicled George Clooney and his father Nick’s visit to the Sudan border last year, will debut on DVD on July 17 from AmericanLife TV NetworkSM , the only independent television network devoted to the “Baby Boomer” generation. The title will be available for $14.99 SRP exclusively through AmericanLife TV Network’s website. AmericanLife TV Network will donate all proceeds from sales of the DVD to “Not On Our Watch”, the humanitarian project created by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle and Jerry Weintraub.

“This is our simple attempt to help shine a light on one of the great atrocities of our time,” said George Clooney.  “After offering A Journey to Darfur to international broadcasters, we received numerous requests from viewers seeking more information about how to help aid this deteriorating situation,” said Mark Ringwald, VP of Programming for AmericanLife TV. “Viewers can show their support by purchasing the DVD, and our network will continue to show its commitment to this and many other humanitarian crises through the donation of proceeds.”

A Journey to Darfur was produced by reporter Nick Clooney after being moved by the trip he and his son, actor George Clooney, took to the Sudan border last year. Included in the documentary are emotional interviews with the genocide-ravaged refugees of Darfur , conducted by George and Nick. The program also features an exclusive interview with George Clooney. A Journey to Darfur premiered on AmericanLife TV in January and has been licensed to several international broadcasters, including France2.

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